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VIP Coaching Intensives

VIP Coaching Intensives

Our VIP Coaching Intensives are 1/2 day, 1 full day, or 2 full days of laser-focused coaching and consulting designed to catapult you to your next level. The entire package, whichever you choose gives you a total of six months of coaching in addition to your live VIP session. It’s an all-inclusive program that gives you extended coaching and accountability; Dr. Cherita as your business partner/consultant/coach/tech guru for a 1/2¬† day, 1 day, or 2 days; community, and additional education and training.

Why A VIP Intensive?

A VIP Intensive is a great way to get individual attention to focus on a specific area (or more than one) to help you gain momentum towards achieving your goals. If you don’t have time to waste -meaning you don’t have time to figure it out for yourself, you don’t want to be limited by once or twice a week online coaching, or you know you benefit from working with someone face-to-face, sleeves rolled up with a singular purpose, a VIP Intensive may be a good option for you. The Intensives are really designed for aspiring or emerging entrepreneurs, whether your entrepreneurial venture is focused on ministry, non-profit work, for-profit business, or becoming an author.

What’s the Difference Between the three VIP Programs?

You can learn more about what each program includes by clicking each of the tabs below.

The 1/2 Day VIP Intensive includes the following:

  • 60-minute pre-VIP Planning Session
  • 4 hours of targeted Custom Coaching and Consulting on a focus of your choice and is conducted online via Zoom (no travel necessary)
  • Recording of your VIP Session
  • One 60-minute post-VIP Clarity & Accountability Session scheduled at your convenience and within 30 days of your Intensive

The 1/2 Day VIP Intensive is ideal for developing your story and signature speech, outlining your book or designing your book marketing plan, or developing the framework for your signature program. We’ll lay the groundwork prior to your session so that our time together will be most productive. If you have a specific focus that is not listed here, let me know what it is and I’ll let you know if the 1/2 Day Intensive is appropriate for what you are seeking.


Each VIP Intensive Package comes with the following bonuses:

  • Six months of online coaching¬†conducted once a week. Online coaching begins immediately whether you pay in full or utilize the payment plan. Value of $1200
  • Access to the Powerhouse Woman Collective private Facebook Group where you can interact with members of the Collective. Share ideas, struggles, and victories. Cheer each other on. Get support. Make business, career and personal connections. Invaluable
  • Access to current courses available in the private client area during your six months of coaching. Valued at a minimum of $1397

How Does it Work?

Once you enroll with Powerhouse Coaching as a VIP Intensive client, we will send you a questionnaire to complete to get a clear understanding on what your goals are, what you want to focus on during your live session, and most importantly what you want to accomplish during that time. Since the VIP program is a total of six months, we’ll also look at where you want to be in six months time as it relates to your area of focus. Your once a week online coaching will begin immediately. However, it is not limited to the focus of your VIP session. We can dig into a variety of things in your online coaching, but you want to try to keep it related to what your overall goal is for maximum impact. As we get closer to your live session, we’ll have a pre-VIP Planning Session. During this time, we’ll determine the agenda for our time together and I will likely give you pre-VIP assignments to complete. After our VIP session, we’ll have one or more, depending on the package you invest in, post-VIP Sessions that focus on accountability, clarity and refining strategy. Your weekly online coaching will continue. During your six-month VIP program, you will also have access to currently available courses in the private client portal. You will also be given access to the Powerhouse Woman Collective private Facebook group. This access will continue for as long as the group is open.

Do I have to travel to Delaware?

You don’t have to travel to Delaware. I can come to your city, however, that will be an additional investment on your part.

How Do I Know This is the Right Program for Me?

If you know where you’re going and are clear on what you want to do, and are looking to expedite your process, while maintaining the integrity of the process, a VIP Intensive may be the perfect option for you. If your greatest need right now is gaining clarity on your purpose, addressing your mindset, career growth, accountability, guidance, and support our Powerhouse Woman Collective may be a better choice. The Intensives will produce deliverables and there are pieces that need to already be in place for the experience to be productive and to avoid having to revamp later. If you’re still not sure, click the button below to schedule a Fit Call and we determine together if this is the right program for you at this time.

*Space in the VIP Intensive program is limited. My schedule only allows for one Intensive a month. If you are interested in learning if it’s a good fit for you, click the button below to schedule your Fit Call.

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