About - The Powerhouse Woman Collective

Twenty years. That’s two, zero. The number of years that Dr. Weatherspoon has been advising, counseling, mentoring and coaching adults through their higher education, personal and career development experiences. As a Certified Professional Coach and a Certified Career & Job Transition Coach, Cherita helps people to clarify, declare, and plan their goals, and provides the support and accountability they need for their personal, career and business success.

Cherita is called to engage others in igniting their passions and pursuing their purposes, elevating their mindsets and perceptions of self, and ultimately empowering them to live a life that reflects their unique power. Thus, Powerhouse Coaching.

Cherita’s coaching is transformational. It is not simply about what you want to accomplish. It is about who you want to become. Cherita gets to the heart of the matter – challenging your belief systems, helping you to identify and face your challenges head on, and clarifying your vision of self. She then helps you to identify and navigate the pathways appropriate for you to move forward into your new powerful life. It may result in your seeking new job opportunities or a change in career; perhaps you’ll step into entrepreneurship or start a hobby; maybe you’ll begin volunteering or even start a ministry or non-profit organization. Whatever your path may be, Cherita will help you to live a life that aligns with your heart’s desire, your God-given talents, your passions, and your purpose. She will help you transform into the powerhouse that you are.

As a consultant, Cherita utilizes her educational and professional background, which has included executive leadership in the areas of student support and development, career development, retention, and program development and evaluation. Her background has equipped her with a unique skill set that allows her to flow effortlessly from strategic to tactical perspectives to best serve the organization. Cherita has brought transformational results to the areas in which she has served: streamlining processes, reducing expenses, increasing financial resources, improving employee morale, improving client and student outcomes, and effective leadership and organizational change. She maintains a successful balance between her tendencies to be goal-oriented and valuing people, being compassionate, fair and just; which makes for an awesome leader.

Cherita finds fulfillment in helping individuals bring their dreams and goals to manifestation and to live the life that they desire and were called to live; as well as helping organizations to align their mission, organizational structure, resources and client needs, resulting in greater impact, influence and opportunities for funding.

Cherita is an Educational Specialist, and has earned a bachelor’s degree in Business Management, a master’s degree in Student Affairs in Higher Education, and a doctorate degree in Educational Leadership.

She is the author of Go! 10 Powerful Steps to Accomplishing Your Goals & Living the Life You DesireCommunity College Leadership Defined: Identifying, Developing and Assessing the Competencies Necessary for Leadership Success in the 21st Century; a contributing author in the International Best Seller, My Big Idea Book and The Gratitude Book Project: Celebrating Moms & Motherhood. Cherita is also the co-editor of the upcoming book, Five Smooth Stones: Defeating the Giants Within (anticipated Fall 2017). She established and led the New Castle County Association of Aspiring Authors, a chapter of the International Association of Aspiring Authors for two years before moving on to launch her coaching practice.

Cherita is married to a wonderful and supportive husband, and is a mother of four beautiful children. She enjoys the beach, designing jewelry, and dining out (although she is a very good cook). She is passionate about family, God, caramel, shoes, and being a personal power detonator